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Using shim washers in aviation

Parts are also used to fill gaps in aviation. Our adjustment shims are mainly peelable (laminated) shims made of laminated metal sheet. Precision and quality are top priorities in aircraft construction due to strict safety guidelines.

Shim washers according to aviation standard

The laminates used in aviation are manufactured according to a standard developed specifically for aviation and aerospace (LN-29557). Therefore, in accordance with aviation standards for flat-bonded sheet metal parts, we offer both finished parts according to drawings, and laminated sheets. When processing the peeling sheets, all production methods are covered that meet the high precision requirements of the aerospace industry.

Precision shims for aviation

We can supply you with precise shims and shim washers according to drawings in various materials – as individual sheets or laminated sheets.

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We manufacture parts for filling gaps for aviation according to your requirements, technical drawings, and drafts. Send us a request with your drawing. We will be happy to make you an offer based on this data.

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