Edge-bonded slotted shims


customized edge-bonded shims

Edge bonding

Customized edge-bonded slotted shims are manufactured individually according to your requirements. Edge-bonded shims allow individual layers to be peeled off much more easily than shims made of laminated shim stock. This minimizes the risk of injury, saves time, and allows the layers that are peeled to be reused. Edge-bonded slotted shims are primarily used for vertical distance adjustment, that is, raising motors, pumps, turbines, and generators in machine and system construction and maintenance.

Unlike standard edge-bonded slotted shims of the peel-plate brand, individually manufactured customized parts allow free selection of dimensions, number of slots, slot width, shim thickness, and sheet combination. Send us an inquiry with your requirements together and a technical drawing or sketch in a commonly used image format (PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG). We will be happy to provide you with a quotation based on the data you provide.