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Quality is important to us

As a member of the Eberlein group of companies, we at peel-plate GmbH work according to quality management guidelines (DIN EN ISO 9001). We are certified for production, trade, and service in the field of shims and drawing parts. We verify conformity with the given quality requirements in regular audits.
The quality of our services results from a complex interaction of the individual business processes. This complexity must be monitored and coordinated. We have decided to continuously put our quality standards to the test, and are therefore certified according to the quality management guideline DIN EN ISO 9001. In regular audits we verify that we successfully work according to the specifications of this standard, and that we meet and exceed the guidelines.
But excellence cannot be prescribed by norms, and audited on the basis of standards. We work every day to actively and consciously integrate quality management into our daily work, and make it directly tangible. Responsibility for the quality of our performance does not lie with the quality management officer alone, but in the hands of each individual employee. For the responsible handling of quality, management is constantly working on maintaining an open and solution-oriented improvement and feedback culture, a suggestion system that is close to everyday life, as well as the sustainable integration of quality management in each individual department.

Policy, strategy & goals

Stable quality and continuous improvement of our production, service, and trading performance is the basis of our long-term successful business activity. For us, quality means meeting both expressed and unspoken customer expectations and, if possible, even exceeding them. Our group of companies sees itself as a unit, and is constantly expanding in the interests of our customers.

The diversification of our products and services is an essential part of our strategy. Motivated and well-trained employees – not only on a technical level – are our most important resource to survive in the market. Continuous training is a matter of course for us, and not only safeguards jobs, but often enables us to work economically in new fields of activity.
As a company with a family work culture, we see ourselves as a fair partner – not with the maxim of profit maximization, but of a win-win situation for all involved. Through clear and comprehensible communication, we create a uniform understanding and a focus on goals among all our employees. The measurability of goals is an important element in this.

To achieve our quality goals, we apply our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Furthermore, within the scope of Friedrich Eberlein GmbH, the requirements from the FSC certification CoC are to be fulfilled conscientiously.

Through the control system of continuous improvement, it is a satisfying challenge for all employees to actively participate in the positive further development of the company by identifying and implementing the potential for improvement.

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