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Sheet metal working

Individual production methods


The production of our shims, underlay shims and laminated sheet parts is as diverse as our customers themselves. Depending on the requirements, we offer corresponding manufacturing methods of metal and sheet metal working. The choice of the corresponding production process depends on many factors, which we discuss with you in advance.

Requirement factors in metal and sheet metal working

  • Nature of the materials
  • Sheet thicknesses
  • Geometry of the drawing
  • Precision requirements & tolerance limits
  • Order quantity
  • Available timeframe until the delivery date

Highest flexibility and customer orientation


peel-plate GmbH offers all relevant methods of sheet metal working in the production of adjustment shims, and therefore guarantees the highest flexibility in meeting your requirements for the finished product.

Nahaufnahme einer Lasermaschine beim Laserschnitt von Blech

Laser cutting

Nahaufnahme einer Stanzmaschine beim Blech Stanzen


Nahaufnahme einer Drehmaschine beim Blech Drehen


Nahaufnahme einer Maschine beim Blech Kanten


Nahaufnahme einer Fräsmaschine beim Blech Fräsen


Nahaufnahme einer Lasermaschine beim Laserfeinschneiden von Blech

Working thin sheet metal

Nahaufnahme einer Industriebohrmaschine beim Blech Bohren


Kante einer Metallplatte wird geklebt


Nahaufnahme einer Lasermaschine beim Blech Gravieren



In addition to the usual standard materials, a wide range of special materials can also be used and processed on request.

Do you have any questions?

Our professional service team will be happy to provide you with answers. Just write us an email or give us a call. We will gladly take care of your request personally.

We work for you


Accuracy and diligence play just as important a role for us as they do for your machines and systems.


We manufacture shims and underlays exactly according to your customer-specific requirements.


We will be happy to advise you personally! Together we will find the right solution for your application.


We supply standard shims directly from stock, and we also manufacture custom sheet metal parts promptly.