Sheet punching

Sheet punching involves a punch press procedure for manufacture. Punching requires a tool that corresponds to the shape of the workpiece to be produced. The tool is composed of two elements. The punch is inner shape and fits precisely through the die. The principle is the same as that of a hole punch. In addition to normal punching in which the same shape is always punched out of the sheet, there is punch nibbling or nibbling. This is an incremental procedure that involves multiple punches to achieve complex geometry or large punch holes.

Sheet punching in the manufacture of slotted shims

Sheet punching is suited to orders involving very large quantities and for the production of standard parts because the punching process always requires the previous procurement of a die and a die change in the punching machine. Punching is also only moderately suited to manufacturing precision shims made of laminated shim stock. The laminate’s individual foil layers are pressed together by the lifting force, which makes them more difficult to peel off. That is why such material lends itself better to cutting methods such as milling, drilling and turning.

sheet punching