Edge-bonded slotted shims

Edge-bonded slotted shims consist of a package of individual sheets that are bonded at the edges, much like the pages of a notepad. The total thickness can be adjusted downwards by peeling off the individual layers until the desired thickness is reached. The shims are primarily used for vertical distance adjustment of motors, pumps, production systems, turbines, and paper machines.

Advantages in handling

Edge-bonded slotted shims are much easier to handle than laminated shim stock, which is bonded across its entire surface. Peeling individual layers is significantly easier, which also greatly reduces the risk of injury and material wastage. The peeling process also takes much less time with edge-bonded slotted shims. Another advantage is reusability. Separated individual layers can be used in other applications. This makes the use of edge-bonded slotted shims, if the application area allows it, significantly more efficient.

various edge-bonded slotted shim designs

Edge-bonded slotted shims are available as U-shaped standard shims of the peel-plate brand and as customized parts based on your technical drawing. The most commonly used material for edge-bonded slotted shims is stainless steel (1.4301/1.4310). Standard sheet packages are manufactured with foil thicknesses between 0.05 and 0.1 mm. Various foil thickness can be combined within a single part.

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