Aligning pumps

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Optimal pump balancing

When installing and maintaining pumps, they must be precisely aligned both with regard to space and at the coupling with the powering motor to ensure proper operation. This filling of vertical gaps brings many advantages.
Passelemente von peel-plate in verschiedenen Formen und Größen

Alignment of pumps with shims

Often, pump adjustment is a matter of shaft alignment. If there is an offset between the two shafts, this must be compensated for. To compensate for a parallel offset – i.e. a difference in height – shims are used to underlay the motor.

Standard U-shaped shims are usually used for parallel compensation. For this purpose, we offer various systems that can be used individually or as assorted assembly sets. Standard systems are available both as solid sheets and as edge-bonded parts. Our underlay shims in the determined thickness can be slid directly under the machine base to be compensated for to bridge the vertical offset.

Advantages of aligned pumps

  • Avoidance of increased wear
  • Increasing the service life of the system
  • Reduction of energy consumption during downtimes
  • Minimizing repair costs
  • Reduction of the risk of production downtime
Ein Satz Passplatten der Firma peel-plate nach technischer Zeichnung zur Ausrichtung von Pumpen

Shims for pump alignment

Depending on the application and the requirements of the different plants, we can provide you with standard shims as well as individual shims and underlays according to technical drawings. These are available in all common materials as solid sheets, but also as flat-bonded laminated sheet parts.
Standard-Passplatten der Marke peel-plate in verschiedenen Größen


Standard-Passplatten der Marke vario-plate mit gelochter Lasche und Einführungsschlitz in vier unterschiedlichen Größen


Standard-Passplatten der Marke single-plate mit gelochter Lasche in vier verschiedenen Größen


Kantenverklebte peel-plates aufgefächert in verschiedenen Größen ab einer Dicke von 0,05 mm

Edge-bonded plates

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We manufacture shims according to your requirements, technical drawings, and drafts. Send us a request with your drawing. We will be happy to make you an offer based on this data.

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