Adjustment systems, precision shims and slotted shims

peel-plate GmbH’s product range encompasses adjustment systems for the vertical (slotted shims) and horizontal (precision shims) distance adjustment of individual assemblies during construction and maintenance of production systems, pumps, turbines, generators, and motors. The are used in the chemicals and aeronautics industries, in structural engineering, in the assembly of wind turbines and hydroelectric plants, and in the production of paper, for example.

Various adjustment system designs

The materials used to manufacture our parts are aluminium, stainless steel, steel, brass, and laminated plastic. We carry individual solid slotted shims and layered parts that are either bonded across their entire surfaces (laminated shim stock) or edge-bonded (peel plate). Laminated shim stock is also available in the form of semi-finished sheets for independent further processing. Our laminated shim stock complies with the LN 29557 aeronautics standard.

Slotted shims

The standard product range contains U-shaped slotted shims for vertical distance adjustment on machine feet. These adjustment system, brand-named peel-plate, single-plate, and vario-plate, are manufactured to comply with common European standards and can be delivered in various sizes and designs immediately from stock. Slotted shims are available as sold individual shims and as edge-bonded shim packages for flexible alignment.

Precision shims

In addition, we offer solid precision shims and precision shims made of laminated shim stock or layered laminated plastic. These parts are generally used for bridging horizontal distances between components of machines, turbines, generators, and motors. Individual precision shims are produced upon request based on technical drawings or sketches provided by our customers.