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Laminated sheet parts

Laminated sheet parts are required to fill variable gaps i.e. gaps between components or assemblies. Laminated sheet or peeled sheet consists of several layers of thin metal foils which are bonded together over their entire surface. The individual layers can be peeled off with the aid of a knife until the required thickness is achieved.
Darstellung der verschiedenen Zusammensetzungen von Schichtblech with layers of different thicknesses

Precision-Fit Laminated Sheet Parts

Shims made of laminated sheet are manufactured individually according to the requirements of our customers. We offer laminated sheet parts in various individual sheet thicknesses from 0.025 mm to 0.2 mm in aluminum, stainless steel, steel and brass. The thicknesses of the laminated sheet foils can be combined variably. In addition to peeling sheets consisting of foils of the same thickness, combinations of foils of different thicknesses as well as foils and solid sheets are also possible.

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We manufacture laminated sheet parts according to your requirements, technical drawings and drafts. Send us a request with your drawing. We will be happy to make you an offer based on this data.

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