Shims and underlays

Beispiele von Passplatten und Passscheiben der Firma peel-plate

Our products

Unsere Standard-Passplatten peel-plate, single-plate und vario-plate als massive Einzelbleche


Passbleche von peel-plate in verschiedenen Formen und Größen

Shim washers

Beispiele verschiedener Schichtblechteile, bei denen einzelne Schichten zum Teile abgezogen wurden

Laminated metal sheet

Ausgleichsbleche von peel-plate in verschiedenen Formen und Größen

Sheet metal parts

Sheet metal working

The applications of metal working and sheet metal working are diverse. Therefore, there are also different manufacturing methods for underlay shims, shims, and laminated sheet metal parts. The choice of the applicable production process depends on many factors, which we discuss with our customers in advance, especially in the case of special designs. Find information about all standard forms of production here.


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Areas of application

From machine building to aviation, there are many different areas of application for our shims and shim washers.
Here you will find a selection of concrete examples of the wide range of applications for our adjustment elements.


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Machine building

Our parts are used in the design and manufacture of industrial machinery and the connection of its components for precise alignment of individual elements.


When repairing equipment, our parts are used for precise alignment of individual machines in space, as well as for the professional connection of individual components.

Power Generation

Our underlays and shims are used in the construction and maintenance of power equipment where the precise alignment of generators, turbines, and pumps is required.


Our parts for filling gaps are also used in aviation. Due to strict safety guidelines, both precision and quality have top priority.

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We supply standard shims directly from stock, and we also manufacture custom sheet metal parts promptly.