Punching sheet metal

Production of shims by punching

Punching is one of the shear cutting processes in which sheet metal parts are formed into a desired shape with the help of a tool. The principle is the same as that of a hole punch. The tool consists of two elements: The punch is the inner part, which fits precisely into the mold. In addition to regular punching, in which the same shape is always separated from a sheet, there is the variant of punch nibbling or nibbling. This is an incremental process in which more complex geometries or larger punch holes can be created through multiple punchings.

Standard parts by sheet metal punching

Especially for the production of standard parts, punching is the ideal manufacturing method. For orders with small quantities, on the other hand, this method is not economical, since the punching process is always preceded by the procurement of a corresponding punching tool, and the tool change on the punching machine. Punching is only a limited option as a production method for the manufacture of precision shim from laminated metal sheet. The individual foils of the laminate are pressed together by the lifting force, which has a negative effect on the detachability of the individual sheets. Machining production methods are recommended here.
Multiple peel-plate standard shims lined up in ascending order of size

Other types of sheet metal working

Nahaufnahme einer Lasermaschine beim Laserschnitt von Blech


Nahaufnahme einer Drehmaschine beim Blech Drehen


Nahaufnahme einer Maschine beim Blech Kanten


Nahaufnahme einer Fräsmaschine beim Blech Fräsen


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