Maintenance and repair

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Prevent wear and failure

The purpose of maintenance is to ensure that industrial plants are always in a functional condition. It includes monitoring, maintenance, as well as repair (overhaul) in case of failure. The precise alignment of individual machines according to space, and the professional coupling of several machine elements also play an important role. If the alignment is neglected during maintenance, premature wear and – in the worst case – even the complete failure of the system are the result. Our adjustment elements are used for the flexible compensation of individual components.

Precise alignment for repairs

If the functional condition of industrial equipment has ceased or is impaired, it must be repaired. When repairing equipment, precise alignment of individual machines according to space, and proper connection of equipment components, is an important part. This can prevent overloading, and rapid wear of machines and their components. Rotating machines, pumps, rolling mills, etc. especially must be perfectly aligned. Adjustment elements such as shims or shim washers are used for filling flexible gaps between the individual components.

Filling gaps for repair

Filling vertical gaps at the machine base by means of shims

Filling vertical gaps

Filling horizontal gaps between machine parts with shims

Filling horizontal gaps

Shims and shim rings for Repair

For filling gaps within the scope of Repair, we offer shims and shim washers entirely according to your individual requirements. Solid as well as edge-bonded shims are available from stock as standard systems.
Kantenverklebte peel-plates aufgefächert in verschiedenen Größen ab einer Dicke von 0,05 mm

Edge-bonded plates

Unsere Standard-Passplatten peel-plate, single-plate und vario-plate als massive Einzelbleche


Blechbearbeitung - Nahaufnehme einer Drehmaschine

Laminated sheet metal parts

Angepellte und kompakte Schichtblechtafeln der Firma peel-plate

Laminated sheets

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We manufacture shims and shim washers according to your requirements, technical drawings, and drafts. Send us a request with your drawing. We will be happy to make you an offer based on this data.

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