Lasering sheet metal

Precise, fast, and flexible

Laser beam cutting or laser cutting is a thermal process for separating metal sheets. With the help of a laser system, complex parts can be manufactured precisely, quickly, and flexibly. Laser cutting is suitable for cutting solid shims from metallic materials such as sheet steel, stainless steel sheet, and plastic from 0.05 mm up to a thickness of approx. 20 mm. To a certain extent, this method is also suitable for aluminum.

Shim washers from laminated metal sheet

The flexibility of the shaping and the high precision make the laser process particularly suitable for special productions of solid underlay shims and precision shims according to technical drawings.

The process is not suitable for shaping parts made of laminate, because when lasering flat-bonded laminated metal sheet or layered plastic, the adhesive starts to melt. For these materials, the use of machining production methods such as milling, drilling, and turning is particularly recommended.

Other types of sheet metal working

Nahaufnahme einer Stanzmaschine beim Blech Stanzen


Nahaufnahme einer Drehmaschine beim Blech Drehen


Nahaufnahme einer Maschine beim Blech Kanten


Nahaufnahme einer Fräsmaschine beim Blech Fräsen


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