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Minimizing downtime in machine building

In the design of industrial machines as well as individual machine components, the process of precise alignment with regard to space, as well as the professional coupling of several machine elements is fundamental. Especially rotating machines, pumps, rollers, etc. must be perfectly aligned. If this is not the case, the individual components can wear out prematurely. This often results in the complete failure of the machine. To avoid this, the components must be optimally matched to each other. For this purpose, gaps often have to be filled and tolerances adjusted. Our adjustment shims are used for the flexible balancing of the individual elements.

Filling gaps in machine building

In filling vertical gaps, machine and machine components are aligned horizontally e.g. by compensating for tilting feet with supports or by bridging height differences of systems to be coupled with so-called shims. A typical application for filling vertical gaps is, for example, shaft alignment on pumps and motors. When it comes to filling horizontal gaps, individually manufactured shim washers are generally used that are perfectly matched to the individual components.
Graphical representation of filling a vertical gap at the machine base

Filling vertical gaps

Graphical representation of filling a horizontal gap between the components of a machine

Filling horizontal gaps

Shims and shim washers for machine building

We offer various shims and shim washers for machine building. In addition to our standard range, we also supply custom-made adjustment shims.
Kantenverklebte peel-plates aufgefächert in verschiedenen Größen ab einer Dicke von 0,05 mm

Edge-bonded plates

Unsere Standard-Passplatten peel-plate, single-plate und vario-plate als massive Einzelbleche


Blechbearbeitung - Nahaufnehme einer Drehmaschine

Laminated sheet metal parts

Angepellte und kompakte Schichtblechtafeln der Firma peel-plate

Laminated sheets

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