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Precise alignment in power plants

During the construction and monitoring of wind turbines or hydroelectric power plants, the precise alignment of the individual components is an important work step. Rotating components such as turbines are particularly susceptible to misalignment. Lack of precision in matching the individual elements then often has a negative effect on the service life of the system. The use of precise measurement techniques and subsequent alignment can prevent premature wear of components, and therefore minimize repair costs.

Alignment by means of shims

If adjustment is required, precision shims and underlay shims are used. These are thin metal sheets or plastic films that can be used to fill gaps or make parallel alignments in the plane. On the basis of these flexible alignment systems, immediate adjustability is made possible.
Querschnitt einer Windkraftanlage zur Stromerzeugung

Filling gaps for wind turbines

Filling vertical gaps at the machine base by means of shims

Shims for filling vertical gaps

Vertical alignment ensures that machine and machine components are aligned horizontally e.g. by compensating for tilting feet with supports, or by bridging height differences of systems to be coupled with so-called underlay shims.

Filling horizontal gaps between machine parts with shim washers

Shim washers to fill horizontal gaps

Filling horizontal gaps is used to bridge distances, and ensure precise alignment between machine components, parts, and assemblies.

Shims and shim washers for power generation

We offer standard shims to fill vertical gaps at the machine base. In addition, we can supply you with individually manufactured shim washers from a sheet thickness of 0.5 in various materials, as well as laminated sheet metal parts.
Kantenverklebte peel-plates aufgefächert in verschiedenen Größen ab einer Dicke von 0,05 mm

Edge-bonded plates

Unsere Standard-Passplatten peel-plate, single-plate und vario-plate als massive Einzelbleche


Blechbearbeitung - Nahaufnehme einer Drehmaschine

Laminated sheet metal parts

Angepellte und kompakte Schichtblechtafeln der Firma peel-plate

Laminated sheets

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