Drilling sheet metal

Drilling holes in laminates

Sheet metal drilling is a manufacturing method that, like milling and turning, is classified as machining. Often a combination of several machining methods is used. Drilling is usually the last step in the process chain, as the parts have usually already been shaped in advance. Holes in shims and shim washers are often incorporated as screw holes in custom-made drawing parts made of flat-bonded laminates.

Areas of application of machining production methods

Machining methods such as drilling are always used in the production of shim washers when laser and punching technology reach their limits. This is often the case, especially with laminated metal sheet. Laser cutting is not possible for parts made of flat-bonded laminate, as this thermal process melts the adhesive at the cut edges. Punching is possible with laminated sheet, but is rather unsuited. The individual foil layers are pressed together by the lifting force, which makes them difficult to remove. Machining methods of sheet metal processing such as drilling, turning, or milling are therefore the preferred production methods for high-quality sheet metal parts made of laminate.
Beispiele zweier Schälbleche mit Bohrlöchern der Firma peel-plate in verschiedenen Größen

Other types of sheet metal processing

Nahaufnahme einer Lasermaschine beim Laserschnitt von Blech


Nahaufnahme einer Stanzmaschine beim Blech Stanzen


Nahaufnahme einer Drehmaschine beim Blech Drehen


Nahaufnahme einer Maschine beim Blech Kanten


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